Colosseum and Roman Forum kids tour



During this tour we will visit the most important and famous places in ancient Rome, starting with one of its most iconic symbols, the Colosseum. Here you will hear stories of gladiators and hunters, about the emperors who offered free entertainment to the Romans, the fights in the arena, and the people that came to watch the shows with the same excitement as a football fan in a modern stadium. From the Colosseum we will go up will you actually be climbing the hill? the Palatine Hill, the cradle of Ancient Rome. This is the place where the mythical twins Romulus and Remus were washed up by the River Tiber in their basket. The hill is a peaceful place full of green where your children will be able to have fun outdoors. From the ruins of the imperial palaces we will also enjoy a fantastic view over the ancient Circus Maximus, the track used in ancient Rome for chariot racing. This tour ends with a visit to the Roman Forum, the civic, political and religious centre of the ancient city. Here your children will hear stories of the gods, and ancient legends, such as the myth of Castor and Pollux, the divine twins who came to the aid of the Romans on the battle field and for this reason were honoured with the construction of a temple in the middle of the Forum. We will see the Basilica of Maxentius, one of the grandest buildings in ancient Rome, the temple of Vesta, goddess of the hearth, and the building where senators held their meetings. This tour lasts normally 3 hours, but on request it is possible to combine it with a tour of the Pantheon, the best preserved of all Roman temples which still astonishes us with its perfect proportions and its majestic dome. If the Pantheon is added to the itinerary, the duration of the tour will be 2,5 hours

What's include

  • Colosseum
  • Arch of Costantine
  • Palatine Hill
  • Arch of Titus
  • Roman Forum


    Monday to Saturday 08.30/09.00 AM - 2.30/03.00 PM

    Tours do not run on the first Sunday of the month. In summer time later start times are possible.


    at the exit of the Metro Station Colosseo in Via dei Fori Imperiali by the green newsstand. Prior to the tour pictures of the meeting point will be provided.
  • Languages

    English - Italian
  • Transport

    Metro: Metro, B line, Colosseo